Pookie Poncho Light


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When it’s chilly out, keeping your little one warm from the car seat to the stroller to the baby carrier is tricky. Enter the Pookie Poncho Light. This cover is perfect for spring days, light showers, and warmer temperatures. It does triple duty, with features designed especially for all three situations. There are two interchangeable hoods: a larger one that zips on and off for the stroller or car seat, and a smaller one that snaps to the back of the cover to protect baby’s head. There are also zippered openings for warming up both baby’s and parent’s hands—so handy when it’s rainy or windy. It’s everything you need to keep bundles of joy warm and cozy throughout spring and fall, all in one piece of water-resistant outerwear. The fact that it’s machine-washable is just icing on the cake.

  • Hook & loop straps to adapt to any car-seat, stroller or baby carrier
  • Two interchangeable hoods allow for easy conversion from a baby carrier cover to a car seat or stroller cover
  • Roomy pouch for babys’ body and legs
  • Buttoned openings for childs’ and parents’ hands
  • Water/wind repellent outer shell
  • Ultra-soft Lightweight premium insulation
  • Machine washable
  • Measurements: H: 1.8”, W: 20”, L: 37”
  • Temperature Rating: 5°F/-15°C