Kids WarMMuffs – Prints

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These muffs keep the tiniest hands warm during cold outdoor play days spent riding scooters or bikes. Hassle-free for parents, the WarMMuffs attach to handlebars without ever losing a glove! Their fleece lining and soft insulation keep the heat in and the cold out creating a perfect environment for little hands. This ultimate winter accessory is the smart solution for trendy, toasty fingers.

  • Conveniently attaches to most scooter handles with hook & loop fasteners
  • Roomy cuffs for hands and jacket sleeves
  • Water repellent outer shell
  • Ultra-soft premium insulation
  • Micro-fleece lining
  • Machine washable
  • Temperature Rating: -4°F/-20°C
  • Measurements:
    Small: H: 7”, W: 5”
    Large: H: 8”, W: 6”