Fleece NIDO in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

If you’re expecting a spring baby, there are a few registry items that are usually pretty obvious: swaddling blankets, long-sleeve onesies, lightweight jackets, etc. However, it is always important to keep in mind how you will safely bundle your new baby for his or her journey home on a brisk spring day.

Dressing your newborn in a heavy coat while in the car seat can affect the efficacy of the safety harness, but you certainly don’t want your little one to be under-dressed. Enter our fleece NIDO.

nido-fleece-red-open-2 nido-fleece-red-opennido-fleece-red-right nido-fleece-red-closed

Designed to be installed on the car seat AFTER your little one has already been strapped in, the NIDO ensures that no material will interfere with your child’s safety. The three flaps make it simple to snuggle your little one warmly in the car seat as they make their way home from the hospital.

Check out our fleece NIDO in Pregnancy & Newborn’s 2016 Spring Registry Guide:



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