Earth Day Brands We Love

Earth Day is April 22, and there’s nothing we love more than protecting our environment here at 7AM Enfant. We understand the importance of using materials that are cruelty-free and minimizing the use of valuable natural resources. But we also know the necessity of finding a good product that you can fall in love with and feel good about using! So, in honor of Earth Day, we compiled a list of baby brands we love that also see eye-to-eye with us on our Earth-friendly beliefs!

Earth Mama Angel Baby

This company was built by a real life mother who doubles as a nurse and herbalist, so she knows a thing or two about organic alternatives to medicine. Her company offers herbal alternatives for women of all stages in pregnancy and their babies too.

We’re Loving…

Morning Wellness Spray 


Calming Lavender Baby Lotion



We can’t seem to get enough of L’ovedbaby. After experiencing a feeling of discomfort breastfeeding in public, Sharon created a nursing shawl that made her feel free breastfeeding her child in public and wanted to share that same empowerment with women all over the world. As a result, L’ovedbaby was created and now sells products geared toward moms and their newborns made of enchantingly soft materials that are as easy on the earth as they are on our eyes.

We’re loving…

4-in-1 Nursing Shawls


Burp Cloth Plush  


Wean Green

The Wean Greeners developed storage tubs suitable for even the most food conscious parents of the world. BPA and PVC-free, the containers were built for travel and convenience with the extra perk of looking cool too. Coming in an array of colors, these tempered glass containers can be used to freeze, store, reheat, and serve food. Plus they have a company dog, and that’s too awesome not to mention.

We’re loving…

Garden Pack Snack Cubes


Meal Cubes




Life Factory built their company on the idea of creating safe, simple and smart products. They manufacture their glassware responsibly using only products that are safe for people and the Earth. Plus, their glassware is designed to grow with their consumer. So your baby could be drinking from one of their bottles today and one of their wine glasses in 20 years, if you’re the brand loyal type.

We’re Loving…

Glass Bottles with Straw Cap


Large Wine Glass (2 pack)


Tegu Toys

Based out of the Honduras, Chris and Will Haughey decided to build a toy company that would pay their employees livable wages and prioritize long term career growth to a part of the world that is often made of simple task-based jobs, while giving children the tools they needed to instill creativity and wonder in their everyday lives. And so they did, with magnetic blocks. The company uses real wood and replaces each 1 they harvest with 983 more, because they want to invest in the children’s future as well as the Earth’s.

We’re Loving…

24 Piece Set


Original Pocket Set (for on-the-go)



Born in 2004, Bumbleride had the idea that strollers should allow you to live as active of a lifestyle as you want, and therefore created strollers that could keep up with you be it on a trail run or simple walk through the neighborhood. Their products are made with durable materials that are OKEO-TEX certified and feature recycled PET polyester. Basically, Bumbleride wants you to stay healthy just as much as they want the earth to stay healthy.

We’re loving…



 Indie 4 


7AM Enfant

Founder Rebecca Campora was a French designer with a dream to create baby products that actually fulfill parents needs without losing any of the style, so she did just that. Now based out of NYC, 7AM Enfant has award-winning products that are made from durable, synthetic materials that outlast and outshine other brands. None of the products use animal byproducts (fur, wool, leather, down) because 7AM Enfant believes in living a cruelty-free lifestyle. So even when the Earth doesn’t feel like it’s being friendly to you (hello, New York snowstorms) at least you know you’re being friendly to it!

We’re Loving…

Barcelona Bag


Triangle Blanket 


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