What are vegan products?

A product is considered vegan if it is made without any animal byproducts (fur, wool, down, leather, etc.) and through a process that is cruelty-free. In other words, living creatures are in no way harmed or involved at any point during the production process.

Why do we make vegan products?

What once was a necessity, animal byproducts are used as a status symbol and for the sake of luxury in consumer goods. Using fur, wool and leather for fashion is cruel to animals and harmful to the earth. It creates an industry for fur and leather factory farms, allows for aggressive and cruel hunting, and has even endangered certain species.

At 7AM Enfant, we believe in making products that are safe, smart and cruelty-free; because you can’t have safe and smart without the latter. As a result, we only use synthetic and natural fibers as an alternative to materials that come from animals. This includes polyester fill in place of down feathers and faux fur in lieu of real fur. Our entire collection is manufactured in a cruelty-free factory that is devoid of any animal byproducts. As parents and animal lovers, we believe that no living creature deserves to suffer for the sake of fashion.

A family of animal lovers.

Cruelty-free isn’t just a label, it’s a passion the entire 7AM ream shares. We see our furry friends as more than just pets – they are members of our family. We carry this mentality over into every product we design.

This year, let’s start a new trend: being kind to our world. Next time you wrap your child in a 7AM Enfant product, you have the peace of mind of knowing not only is it baby-friendly, but animal-friendly too.