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7AM continue to bring families comfort by providing a smart solution for the winter season, making the cold outdoors a time to enjoy for the person pushing the baby stroller. While securely holding the stroller the caregiver’s hands are kept cozy and warm, with the flexibility of easily using bare hands to tend to the needs of the child. Parents are now delighted to be rid of removing and losing gloves!

  • 7AM. Hand-Muffs’ long and roomy cuffs will cover wrist and go over jackets or sweaters. With ease they can be attached/removed instantly using the hidden hook and loop closure, helping make those cold winter days nice and cozy for the daily trips out
  • Convenient and hidden hook and loop closure
  • Long and roomy hand cuffs
  • Water repellent outer-shell and lining
  • Ultra-soft coral faux fur lining brings great comfort and warmth
  • Match 7AM.Enfant’s Baby Shield

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5.00 out of 5

2 reviews for WarMMuffs 200

  1. how comfortable and clever these hand warmers are!! good job!
  2. The Warmmuffs save my outdoor days, what a great design!! they keep my hands warm and dry in the cold and windy Chicago. i love the soft plush. They make me the best winter ready mom. Going next month to Utah, these are the ones i won't forget to pack !

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