NYC Children’s Casting Call

Does your little one love the camera? We’re looking for children in the following age ranges for an upcoming photo shoot:

2-4 months

7-12 months

2-3 years

4-5 years

If you would like to have your little one considered for our NYC-based photo shoot, please send the following information to with the subject line October Casting Call:

- Your child’s name
- Your child’s age
- Your name
- Your email
- Your phone number
- 2-3 recent photos of your child

Important Things To Know:

The shoot will be held at our Lower Manhattan office – transportation will not be provided to the shoot.
The photo shoot will take place on a weekday during the last two weeks of October 2014.
A catered lunch will be provided as well as beverages.
There is no monetary compensation for photo shoot participants; however, a $100 gift certificate to will be provided to all children who participate in the shoot.
Parents/guardians of the participating child will be asked to sign a waiver releasing rights to all images for use strictly in 7AM Enfant marketing materials.
Due to space limitations, participating children can only be accompanied by a maximum of two family members during the photo shoot.
Parents/guardians will be provided digital copies of select shoot photos only once

7AM Enfant is Hiring a Graphic Designer!

We’re looking to add a talented Graphic Designer to the growing team at 7AM® Enfant! If you have a passion for design and find visual inspiration from the world around you, we want to hear from you! Continue reading

Stroller Traffic Scoop!

We love being part of Stroller Traffics scoop and it’s the new car-seat cocoon that is being put in the spotlight.  Our latest addition to the collection is so easy to use!  With it’s elasticized base it pops on and off easily onto all infant car-seats.

7AM and Metallics! Setting the trend…

The shining star Apple have always been ahead, haven’t they? Looks as though the inspiration of our historical Metallic color palette has been too much to resist! Classic in our evolution – ever the inspiration!

Kirsten Davis with her Barcelona Bag!

Check out Kirsten Davis and her gorgeous baby Gemma Rose sporting the Barcelona Bag in Rose. The sophisticated mother looks good with her 7 A.M. Enfant Diaper Bag and is the picture of a yummy mommy!

Rebecca Campora for Crushworthy Moms

We’re excited to share with you our Founder and CEO Rebecca Campora’s lifestyle interview with Crusthworthy Moms.  A wonderful platform which celebrates inspirational women.  Rebecca is certainly one of those!


Enjoy some great retail therapy this 2013 Memorial Day. Every product is 30%, so get your goodies and don’t forget to think ahead for Fall. Share this with friends and family, so they too can take advantage of this 3 day shopping excitment!


Photo shoot Alert! We are developing new exciting designs and are calling out to families with children who live in the New York region! – Searching for new born babies to 2½ year old kids and parents as well!

Guaranteed fun filled day of action and laughing! Send in a picture of your little one with their name and age to

(Ps: Share this with your friends and send them this link!)

Local Living with Remarkable Moms

Here at 7 A.M. Enfant our lives revolve around our families and our wanderlust for travel. Twice a year we pay tribute to the two people who shaped our lives and modeled us to be the people we are today. This Mother’s Day we wanted to pay tribute to 8 remarkable moms who have shaped our views of Motherhood here at 7 A.M. Enfant. Take a peek inside their world and enjoy their top local destinations, activities and all around favorite places to explore with their family in their city.

Local Living in New York City!

To celebrate the hardworking moms out there and in the run up to Mother’s Day – we have collaborated with some of the top bloggers around the country to pick their brain on their top city tips!

Local Living with Marissa Kraxberger from Oscar de la Renta’s Childrenswear blog George & Ruby starts us off with New York, as she outlines some of her favorite family outings and things to do in the city.  Ranging from the heart of Brooklyn to the natural outdoors a stone’s throw away from the hectic city, Marissa shares her absolute favorites.

Babyology Bonanza for a Global 7 A.M. Enfant

However much a temperature overrides a sense of being and situation, there is always another temperature at some other point in the world.  Difficult to sometimes imagine the glowing sun on your back when each bodily part is wrapped up and protected against the wind, snow, rain or hail!

But that is what makes this world ever fascinating and enjoyable.  Seasonal living is indeed such an integral part of moods, nature, inspiration and activities.  It creates color and movement and allows the year to be buoyant and beautiful.

In Australia at the moment, there are warm climates to enjoy but shortly as we move into Spring, they shall shift into Winter.  That is why the Baby Shield can suit so many locations, climates and families around the globe.  With an innovative design that allows a longer usage period, the Baby Shield has x2 interchangeable covers; for freezing, cooler and warmer days.

President’s Day Delight!


As the winter is most definitely still here, and the winds have been blowing over the weekend, 7 AM Enfant have a delightful sale of our Baby Shield.  The most lightweight of all our buntings, with an advanced double cover system – so the footmuff is perfect for freezing cold days, and also those warmer days, when you don’t need something so thick.  Check out the fantastic savings you and your family can make on this Bank Holiday….for something that will last for multiple seasons!  Shop now

Be my Valentine

With ‘the’ day fast approaching, 7 A.M. wanted to extend something fun, exciting and indulgent for the special celebration.  Perhaps a present for yourself, your little one or someone who is close to you.  7 A.M. can cover all bases in providing that beautiful piece that you can love and enjoy on the day and beyond.

To get that extra bit more – click here to be rewarded.

Happy Valentines Day!


Family Review Center: Seal of Approval

We are amongst good, respected and sought after feedback after our very own Baby Shield received a great accolade! It recently received a Seal of Approval from the Family Review Centre and words to these effect, were noted!

From Arizona to Alaska, your baby will now be set for every temperature they may face when out enjoying the great expanse of God’s green earth with you. Baby Shield is awesome. It offers different levels of warmth and protection in a jiffy, just by adding or removing layers. You can then use the layers separately as well, as a blanket in the stroller, carseat etc.

Style and design offer great appeal and the functionality is both practical and outrageously beneficial to those who battle the wicked winter climates. The lightweight insulation cover is perfect for milder temps and the quilted insulation cover is for those blustery cold days and nights when it is all you can do to keep them warm.

Perfect for ages 0-3, with 3 sizes being offered. (S – 0-6 mo, M – 6-12 mo, and L – 1-3 yrs)

Features faux down insulation. Offers water repellant protection from the weather. Features a five point harness system so it can be used in most, if not all carseats and strollers. Has hook and loop straps for ease of maneuvering. Also has a large front pocket and is machine washable.’

Top Winter Tips from the 7 A.M. Enfant Team

Each year 7 A.M. Enfant strives to create pieces that are full of life, fun and eye catching in order to keep babies warm during the winter months. Their new Neon collection certainly does the trick to make one smile and feel more vibrant!

With Sandy having just hit NYC, there is even more need for an upbeat positive attitude within our communities and the more we can do for each other the better! Why not help out at a local school, clear your closets, and give things to those who need it during these bleak times. 7 A.M. Enfant will be donating cozy items to those families in Staten Island, Far Rockaway and Coney Island who really have lost so much.

Heading into the winter as the first few snowflakes fall in New York and beyond, 7 A.M. Enfant’s team have put their heads together to share their tips for staying warm, keeping cozy, and most of all surviving the next month or so!

Top 5 Winter Tips from 7 A.M. Enfant

Keeping the Kids Warm

- Make sure their mittens have strings on – never fear of losing them

- Tuck their vests into their trousers – no draft, and extra heat!

- Entice running races whilst playing outdoors, to keep the blood warm.

- Hot milk at bedtime, with extra blankets – but keep the window open for the fresh air…they’ll never notice!


-A hot toddy with the juice of one whole lemon, some honey, and something stronger if you need, when you are feeling cold and fluey before bed, always does the trick.

-Put on a pair of cashmere socks for that extra insulation and luxurious feel.

- Don’t go out into the cold with wet hair….

- Eat what’s in season if possible – it always tastes so much better, and the goodness is palatable.

- Moisturize everywhere! The harsh winds can be brutal, so put on those creams to all exposed skin, so you can be glowing when you come indoors!

Love, enjoy, create. Happy holidays,

The 7 A.M. Enfant Team

Snow Photo Contest

The first snowflakes have arrived in NYC and futher afield.  Enter our Snow Photo Contest right now!


Send in your cutest Snow Photo (even if the snow has already melted, it doesn’t matter – a wintery scene is fine!)


Let your imagination run wild!  And include a 7 A.M. Enfant product as well.


Email photos to enter (or tag @7amenfant if entering on Pinterest or Instagram)


Closing Date: December 14th 2012


Most innovative wins!


1st Prize is a Pookie Poncho with a pair of Warmmuffs


2nd Prize a pair of Warmmuffs


3rd Prize a pair of mittens, color of your choice.



3 photos will be published with our “Baby Star Award” stamp!


A Winter Treat!


We hope you’re not dampened by the weather and to lift your spirits we would like to offer you a treat…

In light of the launch of our new neon collection we are offering a 20% discounts for our ENTIRE store and free shipping within the US – just enter 7AMNEON at the checkout.

We hope this will brighten up your day and brighten up your winter.


Here at 7A.M. we’ve really enjoyed moving forward and exploring the social media world, we’ve found it’s a great way to reach out to our supportive fans all over the world! So by popular demand we would like to introduce you to the 7 A.M. Enfant blog!

The team would like to use this as a platform to take you behind the scenes, keep you up to date and share with you our love for family and design.

We wish you a very warm welcome…

And on that note...